Like I really want to send my children to private school and there’s these two exquisite schools in Shaker, one’s a boy’s school called University School and Laurel School is for girls and I want my kids to go there so I can live vicariously through them but tuition for both schools is like $30,000 a year and obviously yeah thats overpriced but its overpriced for a reason they’re like the best schools in northeast Ohio and I just want my kids to feel super prepared for college and like they don’t have to worry about having to get scholarships or whatever because they are the best of the best because of their education and ugh a good education has been drilled into my head as THE most important thing since I was basically born but my mom never put money in my college fund and I feel like I have to major in like something where I’ll make a lot of money just to pay off student loans and I feel all this pressure during school that I can’t fuck up or I’m done for the rest of my life and I don’t want my kids to suffocate under that kind of pressure I just want them to be snobby rich kids that party too much and get bailed out by mom and dad /because we can/ and I feel like if we had money and my kids felt school wasn’t the only way to be fulfilled they would find out what they want to do with their life because THEY WANT TO not because they’re scared of being in debt forever ugh I feel really strongly about this bye

k one i haven’t watched the hp movies since dh2 came out and after that i was just scarred for life so sunday when i was channel surfing half blood prince was on abcfamily and i saw draco roll up his sleeve and show dumbledore his dark mark and i was like WHAT THE DARK MARK IS CANON HOW DID I FORGET THIS I HAVE BEEN READING TOO MUCH FANON

second ever since then when i DO read fics i’ve been trying to see if it is true to draco/harry/whoever ‘s character and i was thinking about draco and he’s honestly a snarky rude arrogant jerkoff half the time and almost everyone loves him so i was just thinking that i am literally draco malfoy so maybe i have a chance at love but then again he’s a fictional character and i’m unloveable

Is it bad that I want school to start
Like I need stuff to do I’m so bored and I just have a good feeling about junior year I think its gonna be my year like I can drive and I’m in student council this year and I’m not taking french IV which is a huge relief and I’ll just have more freedom to get stuff done I won’t be dependant on my mom anymore and I’m tryna make it a great year like
Pls god let junior year be gr8

like i worked at a grocery store for 3 weeks and literally


like i was a cashier oh my god my feet hurt my back hurt and then I HAD TO CONDITION THE STORE AFTER FROM LIKE 9 TIL 11 LIKE WTF

so i quit last week and then today i was thinking about school and doing my math and science and like written homework and it dawned on me that whenever i thought of like a job i would enjoy (not like a career but a high school/college job) would be like manual labor because you don’t really have to think but i actually enjoy using my brain and writing mundane things down and now i’m bummed bc like how many places think when they’re hiring like “oh we need someone smart and trustworthy that can keep records or be an accountant or secretary LETS HIRE A 16 YEAR OLD” like no one so either i’m broke for the rest of high school or i find the one godly job that will let me use my brain somewhat idk i felt like i had to get this out of my head because like i’ve always doubted if i could be a doctor bc i’ve always wanted to be a doctor but i’m always like “can i deal with the paperwork and doing all that shit work in medical school and residency” and i realized that that is the perfect career bc yeah half of it is dealing with patients which i’m really good at and have gotten better at by volunteering at the hospital and you know knowing what the fuck you’re doing when you’re diagnosing people and prescribing shit but the literal other half is just formality and paperwork so thank u supermarket for cementing my career goals